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Rent A Box Truck To Deliver Cakes When First Starting A Bakery

Owning a cake baking company requires you to be able to deliver large cakes from time to time. Investing in a large truck to use to deliver your cakes may not be in the budget when you are first starting out. Fortunately, you can rent a small box truck to use during the times when you need to deliver a cake. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about renting a box truck to deliver your cakes.

Create a Sanitized Container for the Cakes to Sit in

The first thing you need to do is create a sanitized container to place the cake in. You can wait to assemble a large tiered cake until you arrive at the destination where it is going to be delivered to make sure that it does not fall during the transportation. You want to be sure that the container the cakes sit in is sanitary so that you deliver a cake that everyone can eat.

Secure the Container within the Box Truck

Next, you need to be sure that you can secure the container inside of the back of the box so that it does not slide around while it is being transported. Many box trucks have large wooden sides of the interior of the trucks that you can secure the container to.

Rent the Truck for as Short a Period

There are many box truck rental companies that will allow you to rent the box truck for a few hours rather than for an entire day. This could save you money because you are not paying for any rental time that you do not need.  

When renting a box truck, be sure to choose a truck that can fit into your lot nicely. You do not want to have a hard time getting it close to the door of your business because you want to have to carry the cake as short of a distance as possible to decrease the chances of it being dropped. Be sure have your driver take their time when delivering the cake to ensure it doesn't move and leave any intricate details off of the cake until you are ready to set it up at the final destination. This ensures that everything is perfectly placed when you are ready to present it to your customers so that you can deliver a cake that just the way they expect it to be. Try these guys to learn more.