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Photo ID Badges For Your School Students: Four Helpful Ideas

Student ID badges serve a wide range of purposes within your school, from helping staff verify that all children in the building belong there to giving students access to discounts at sporting events. When planning your school's ID badges for the upcoming year, use these ideas to get even more benefits from the badges.

Class Schedules

Have the back of each student's ID badge printed with his or her class schedule for the semester. This can be helpful in the first few weeks of each semester, as students can quickly look to see which class they have next. The schedules can also benefit teachers and staff, who can use the badges to verify students are in the correct classrooms at each hour of the day. Be sure to have new badges printed at the start of each semester to reflect any schedule changes.

Access Control Systems

You can link your student ID badges to your school's security systems so students can use the badges to enter the front door of the school. Work with the security company and the ID badge printing company to come up with a system that limits access to specific doors at certain hours of the day. The information from the security system can alert school administration when students are tardy to school each day, which can help with keeping track of student attendance.

Cashless Lunch Programs

Instead of requiring students to pay cash for their lunches, consider switching to a cashless meal program. The student ID badges can be scanned in the cafeteria to give students a way to pay for their lunches, which can speed up the line at the cafeteria. This also helps students on the free lunch program to feel less self-conscious at lunchtime each day. Be sure to have a plan in place in case a student loses his or her ID badge so lunch can still be provided for that day. 

Activity Admission

Your students can use their ID badges to gain admission to after-school activities, sporting events, and other after-hours programs. The photo on each ID helps the staff to verify that each child is a student at the school, which can help with keeping unauthorized people from gaining access to the campus. You can also work with your ID badge company to come up with a cashless payment system for tickets to sporting events, so students can simply scan their badges to get into the games.

Work with your school administration to come up with the features that meet your school's needs, and have photo ID badges created for your student body to help identify students and make their school experience a positive one.