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Want To Restore Your Old Arcade Games? What To Know

If you are trying to restore some old arcade games so they work better and because you want to restore the value, there are some things you want to do to make sure that the machines are repaired correctly. These old pinball machines can be very valuable assets if you take care of them properly and if you invest the money and time to maintain them as needed. Here are some of the things that you want to consider doing so your machines remain valuable in case you want to sell later on.

LED Lighting

You want to replace the light bulbs in the machine with new LED bulbs. These bulbs will provide bright and vibrant colors for people to enjoy when looking at the machines or playing, and they are going to help restore the original bright look of the machine. These bulbs also last longer than regular bulbs, and they work with more efficiency. Look into the different options available for your machine and change them out or have them professionally installed. Contact a company like PINBULBZ AND ARCADES for more info.

Professional Cleaning and Lubrication

You want to have the machines cleaned by a professional regularly so they stay in good condition, and to help them work properly. Lubricating the gears regularly, having the dust blown out of the interior of the machine, and making sure that everything is clean is one of the easiest ways to keep the machines looking great and functioning as needed.

Appraisals and Insurance

You can have an appraiser come to the property and evaluate how much the machines are worth, and then you want to add the value to your property insurance. This way you can replace the value of the machines if something happens and they are damaged, or you may be able to find some similar for sale and replace them. Make sure they are appraised correctly.

If you have been storing or using a lot of old arcade games like pinball machines, and you don't think the items have been restored or taken care of as they should be so you can still hold the value, you'll need to take action. You don't want to end up with damaged items that could be incredibly valuable, only to find that you missed your chance to cash in on them when you are ready to sell. Look at restoration professionals and these different things to see what can be done to your machines.