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Fast And Efficient Methods For Designing A Better Table

Table linens and toppers may seem inconsequential to the average person but to people in the hospitality and catering industry, they are one of the most important features for any conference or dining event. The entire look of the room is shaped by the quality of the table setting. The materials in use and how easily they are put in place, cleaned and stored will also affect the efficiency of the business. Here are just three products that make the process of setting tables easier and more professional looking than ever. 

Spandex Table Linens 

Spandex linens are sleek, form-fitting tablecloths that stay tight to the table for a modern look. The color options are extensive and they are designed to fit tables of any size and shape. There are many other benefits as well.

  • They never need any ironing and remain wrinkle-free
  • They are lightweight, easy to travel with and require very little storage space.
  • The form-fitting design eliminates the tripping hazard of a long, draped tablecloth.
  • Spandex and spandex blends save money on laundering because they are machine washable.
  • They make mismatched tables look uniform because the fitted materials completely cover the table.

Aluminum Table Toppers

Aluminum toppers are a solid table surface that slides over the top of basic rectangular and round banquet and folding tables. They come with a swirled marble-like surface that is available in many colors. 

  • They pair perfectly with spandex liners and make any table look elegant.
  • The toppers store easily and are very lightweight.
  • The 3D swirled pattern adds depth and interest to the table design. 
  • The toppers are easy to wash off and help to keep the table liners clean during service. 
  • Set up is easy by pulling the liner on and placing the topper on the table. It is seamless and does not need constant readjusting to keep it even. 

Linenless Table Designs

Linenless tables are made from a high-quality aluminum that is amazingly durable but lightweight. The tops have an etched swirl pattern for a modern and appealing look.

  • They reduce the overall costs because there is no need to use a tablecloth.This saves on the initial investment and on laundering expenses. 
  • Perfect for catered events because they reduce the number of items that must be transported. 
  • The swirled patterns are coated so the finish is smooth and seamless. 

There are many ways to mix and match these simple items for a unique style at every event. The spandex liners area available in numerous colors, novelty designs and custom logos. Layer silver table toppers over them for a more dramatic and elegant look. Use a contrasting table topper with the liner or alone. Line several linenless tables or use them along with the other items for an eclectic design. There are endless possibilities and the investment cost is minimal for all of the materials.