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Three Ways To Take An Environmentally Friendly Approach To Your Storage Unit

If you're conscious about caring for the environment, you may take several steps around your home with this goal in mind. If you've made the decision to store some of your possessions at a nearby storage unit, you'll want to also think about how you can do so while making your environmentally friendly ideals possible. First, you may wish to find a storage facility that reduces its environmental footprint by equipping its units with LED bulbs or that even has solar panels on the roof of the facility. Otherwise, here are some steps that you can take.

Be Smart About Driving To The Facility

You may rent space at the self-storage facility with the intention of visiting your unit to retrieve items only seasonally, or you may need to visit once every week or two. Regardless of your visit frequency, be smart about driving. Driving back and forth excessively needlessly wastes emissions from your vehicle. To avoid such a problem, make a list about everything that you wish to retrieve from the unit — doing so will avoid you going to the unit, picking up a few things, and then returning home and realizing that you neglected to grab something, thus precipitating a second trip. Finally, don't leave your vehicle running while you're loading or unloading it.

Use Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials

You'll rely heavily upon packing materials to keep your items secure not only while they're in storage, but also during transit. When you select these items, focus on those that are environmentally friendly. Namely, look for packing materials that can be recyclable when you're done with them. For example, packing shredded paper into your storage boxes can be better than using bubble wrap, as the latter may not be recyclable in your city. Additionally, scouring garage sales for used packing supplies will give a second life to these items.

Consider The Unit's Temperature

A heat-controlled storage unit is valuable if you'll be storing items that must remain at a certain temperature. However, if you're storing things that aren't so susceptible to climate changes, there's no point in renting a heated unit. When you rent a standard unit that isn't heated, the storage facility will be able to reduce its electricity use, which has environmental benefits. Even if another client ends up renting the heated unit instead of it sitting empty, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your approach to storage is as healthy for the environment as possible.Contact a facility, like Belmont Self Storage, for more help.