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Independent Wrestlers: Benefits Of Filing A DBA

As a professional wrestler, you often are known and rely on your persona to book events, gain fans, and become known in the wrestling world. As you start getting bookings and signing contracts, many promoters and companies may rely on your in-ring name to do business. If you want to ensure that you are following everything legally, then it's a good idea to file a DBA on your behalf. A DBA actually stands for "Doing Business As" and provides many benefits for an independent wrestler. Learn about some of the benefits of following this procedure and help guide your wrestling career along the way.

Accepting Payments

If your real name is John Johnson, but your ring name is Jack the Ripper, it can be hard to cash checks that feature your wrestling persona on the "Pay To" line. While many wrestling promoters will use your real name if things are filed correctly, you can avoid any hassles or delays by having a DBA available in your ring name. This will ensure that the money goes straight to your account and your bank will know that both names are filed underneath the same account and business.

Registering Trademarks

By registering your ring name as a DBA, it can also make it helpful if you ever decide to register for a trademark. The origins of the DBA can show when you first started using that name and help establish a long history of using it. This will help you get the trademark and prevent any other wrestling company from using your unique name. This can be especially helpful if you're going from company to company and want to keep your trademarked name for yourself.

Booking Future Events

When booking future events, it will be a lot easier to contact bookers and event organizers using your ring name. It will allow them to recognize who you are and start the process of booking a lot faster. The DBA registration allows you to use the business name for any type of branding, email, or website that you want to promote your wrestling career with.

Other Types of Business Inquiries

Along with wrestling events, you may want to use your ring name as a DBA for other business opportunities. This includes a variety of wrestling products like action figures, t-shirts, head shots, and any type of media like digital wrestling videos or DVDs. These can all make a huge difference on your ability to make money using your ring name.

The DBA will follow all of proper legal channels and help you build a name for yourself in the world of pro-wrestling. Contact a company like Biz Startup to learn more.