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3 Ways To Improve Your In-House Hiring Practices

If you handle hiring for jobs in-house, and you feel that you are not getting the best candidates, you may need to change some of your in-house hiring practices. Start by writing clearer job descriptions, improve your interview practice, and respond to interested job candidates.

Write Clearer Job Descriptions

You may not be finding the job candidates that you want because your job descriptions to not accurately convey what the job entails. You want your job description to describe the tasks that an employer would do in the job. You also want the job description to describe the personality traits of a potential employee and convey the overall feeling of your corporate culture.

For many job applicants, your job posting may be the first time that they have come into contact with your company. Your job posting is your opportunity to convey your company culture.  Make sure that your job postings describe not just what job candidates can do for you, but how your company can help them as well.

Improve Interview Practice

When you conduct interviews, you need to make sure that you are asking questions that give you a full view of a potential candidates. It is not enough for a candidate to have the technical skills to do a job, such as having a certain level of education. You need to make sure that a potential candidate will fit in with your overall culture.

When you conduct interviews, you should be asking questions that will help you learn about the temperament and motivation of candidates. You also want to try to learn about a candidate's emotional intelligence level as well as their coach ability. Ask questions that allow you to really learn who the candidate is, not just what their technical qualifications are.

A big part of the interview process is making sure a candidate is the right fit for the job, so be sure to allow the candidate multiple opportunities throughout the application process to ask you questions. This will help the candidate determine for themselves if they will be a good fit for your company, and could also provide you with valuable insight into the employee through the questions they ask you as well.

Respond to Interested Candidates

Finally, make sure that you respond to candidates who are interested in working for your company and follow up on their application. You want to hire candidates who are invested in the job hiring process. Applicants who follow up on their applications are generally driven, which is a good quality in a potential candidate.

Spend some time responding to follow-up emails and let candidates know the generally timeline for the job hiring process for your company.

If you want to get better job candidates, you need to change your hiring practices. Write job descriptions that convey information about your corporate culture, not just tasks that a job candidate would do. Expand your interview questions to learn more about potential employees, and keep candidates engaged who are invested in their application.  

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