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The Advantages Of Virtual Studios For Local Newscasts

For many small, local news stations, the cost of a professional and contemporary studio can often be prohibitive. This can be especially true as modern consumers expect more of their newscasts and may not be satisfied with the traditional two-anchor news desk. Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult to cleanly integrate modern, real-time graphics into traditional studio settings in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and easily understandable for viewers at home. Virtual studio sets offer cost-effective solutions to these problems as well as additional benefits not possible with traditional physical sets.

Virtual Studios Offer Variety

Major news networks can afford to have a huge variety of sets for different purposes, but smaller stations generally make do with only a handful. Virtual studios offer the opportunity to present your viewers with more variety without breaking the bank. In many cases, virtual studio software allows for virtual sets to be designed much more quickly and cheaply than physical sets and without the need to spend additional money on materials and construction. In fact, a single stage can be repurposed with different virtual sets an endless number of times, reducing the need for large amounts of physical stage space as well.

Virtual Studios Are a Cost-Effective Way to Stay On Trend

Do your sets have tired-looking floors or uninteresting backdrops? Revitalizing a set can be expensive, and this process can be cost-prohibitive if a large number of sets need to be refinished or if you are attempting to chase the latest trends. A virtual set can allow your station to experiment with new design trends without the cost of completely rebuilding your existing sets. This can be useful both as a long-term strategy or as a way to test new ideas before committing to a major set construction project.

Virtual Studios Allow for Flexibility

Getting it right the first time isn't always easy. When it comes to set design, a good idea that ends up with a flawed execution can be a costly mistake. Pulling down a physical set and replacing it isn't cheap, and fixing problems in an existing set can sometimes be just as expensive as building a new one. This can be especially problematic if a set is designed for a specific segment that is later dropped, forcing a decision to either repurpose the set or pull it down and absorb the cost entirely.

The use of virtual studios effectively solves all of these problems, allowing for sets to be easily tweaked and modified until perfect. They can also be effectively used for limited-run segments since the cost to create a set is so much lower than a full physical set. As long as stage space is available, new sets can be designed, repurposed, and retired as often as is necessary. This also means that sets can be adjusted based on viewer feedback, making it easier to adapt to exactly what your viewers want and expect.