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The Silver Style Guide: Choosing Your Silver Accessories For Holiday Season Outfits

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means many of you may be planning your holiday outfits. Christmas parties at work, get-togethers with family, and New Year's parties all tend to mean dressing your best. Perhaps you already have some dresses or outfits in mind. However, it is the jewelry you wear that takes your look to the next level. Understanding how to choose silver accessories for your holiday wear can help you shine bright and turn heads.

Consider Your Colors and Shades

It goes without saying that black goes really well with silver. In fact, black goes well with near any jewelry. Something about the darkness of the black fabric can make jewelry shine bright, which makes it extremely noticeable. For that reason, you can choose either big pieces of bold jewelry or smaller, more simple pieces. A thin, simple necklace will not be hard to miss glistening against your favorite little black dress.

However, black is not the only color that pairs well with silver. Shades of gray and white also look great when paired with silver, though they do not offer the same contrast as black. Because gray and white do not offer the same contrast, you may want to buy bigger pieces of silver jewelry that make a statement. For instance, you can choose a chunky silver bracelet or a set of silver bangles to wear around your wrist.

If you are looking for colors with more vibrancy, look no further than royal blue, navy blue, warm purples, and burgundies, which are all great winter colors. Pairing silver bracelets and other pieces of jewelry with the colors mentioned will give a sparkling effect that is both festive and beautiful.

Weighing Design and Style Options

You should also consider your design and style options before you throw on any random piece of jewelry. Now that you know which colors work well with silver, it is important to remember that it doesn't mean jewelry works well with every design or pattern. For instance, if a dress or blouse you choose to wear for the holidays has a lot of busy designs, you should not overwhelm the look with a big, detailed necklace. Instead, keep the necklace short and simple.

Although patterns and styles are fine, multicolored fabrics do not work well with silver. Unfortunately, too many colors can make the silver color of your jewelry disappear. If the color and design of your dress or outfit are simple, do not be afraid to complete your ensemble with silver pieces that make a statement. Of course, the best way to tell how the jewelry will pair with your outfit is to try each piece on.

It's All About Personal Taste

Remember, no style guide can tell you how to develop your personal taste. Instead, they are nothing more than guides to help you take your personal taste to the next level. Only you know which pieces of silver jewelry work best for you based on your personal preferences. The best way to make a style guide work for you is to make sure it enhances your personal taste rather than silencing or changing it.

If you think that silver is a dull choice in comparison to other popular metals, such as gold, you would be wrong. In fact, silver jewelry sales have increased 10 years in a row as of 2018. In fact, the sale of silver jewelry accounted for 24% of purchases. Approximately half of the retail respondents to a survey reported that silver jewelry had the highest inventory turnover rate. Therefore, silver is a great choice that is sure to take your holiday outfit up several notches this upcoming season.

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