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3 Things To Ask When Ordering A Mezzanine Lift

If you have one or more mezzanines in place in your manufacturing facility or other facility, then you might like the fact that it offers additional square footage for setting up equipment, working, overseeing what is going on in the facility, and more. The only problem that you might have is the issue of getting supplies and equipment on the mezzanine without any problems. Luckily, there are lifts that are designed for this, and you can make sure that you are buying the right lift for use with your mezzanine by asking these questions before purchasing.

1. How Tall Is the Lift?

First, you should be aware of the height of the mezzanine that you are hoping to use your new lift with. Then, you can ask about how tall the mezzanine's platform is when it's at its fully extended height, and you can make sure that the lift will be able to easily bring items up to your mezzanine. If you need a lift that is taller than usual, you may need to order a custom mezzanine lift that meets your specifications.

2. How Big Is the Platform?

Additionally, you should ask how big the platform is for the lift that you are thinking about buying. In some cases, only a small platform is needed. If you're planning on using the lift for lifting bigger items or a lot of items at one time, however, you may want to choose a lift with a bigger platform.

3. What Kind of Weight Limit Does the Lift Have?

Even if a mezzanine lift seems to be large enough for your needs based on its height and platform size, there is still a chance that it will not actually be sufficient for your company's needs. Depending on the construction of the lift, the weight limit might not be as high as you need it to be. Naturally, you will probably want to purchase a lift that can easily lift heavy loads up to your mezzanine, particularly if your business works with a lot of heavy parts and equipment.

Typically, the manufacturer or retailer that is selling the lift can give you specific information about how much weight the lift will be able to handle. Make sure that your employees are aware of this weight limit and that everyone who uses the lift abides by it. After all, this is important for safety purposes and to avoid damaging the lift. Also, when possible, try to make sure that the weight is distributed as evenly across the lift's platform as it can be to help prevent any problems.

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