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Keys for Fishermen Using Bottom Pocket Cast Nets

If you're looking to catch a lot of live bait quickly, then a bottom pocket cast net may be the perfect investment. These nets have been around for a long time and you can use them appropriately by remembering these tips.

1. Select the Right Net

Before you go out to a lake or river looking for live bait, you need to select the right bottom pocket cast net. Some are better than others so it's important to be highly selective so that you can have amazing, consistent results. 

Start by looking for a trusted cast net brand. You can find this out by seeing what fellow fishermen feel about the bottom pocket cast nets they've used before. Eventually, you'll find a brand that is trusted and respected by a lot of fishermen. Also, make sure the cast net is made of durable materials. You then won't have to replace it any time soon. 

2. Practice Throwing Circles

The trick to using bottom pocket cast nets is getting a circle out in the water. This gives you as much surface area as possible, so when you let the net sink to the bottom, it has the chance to catch a lot more fish. It may take you some time to master casting the perfect circles but keep with it. Eventually, after a lot of casts, you'll figure out where to hold your hands and what motions to use when throwing the bottom pocket cast net forward. 

3. Stay Cognizant of the Bottom

Once you have your circles down perfectly, it's important to recognize when the bottom pocket cast net hits the bottom. It is this time when you'll need to quickly pull the cast net back up before fish have the chance to escape. You'll know when the net hits the bottom by feeling the net's line in your hands. It will become loose and you'll also feel vibrations. As long as you're in tune with the net's line, you can easily determine when the net hits the bottom of the lake or river and then pull at just the right time. 

Bottom pocket cast nets are incredible resources for catching live bait in shallow waters. If you're using one for the first time, it's important to be aware of the right casting protocol. You'll then be able to improve your ability to catch live bait in any type of waters.