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2 Signs Your Business's Fire Sprinkler System Requires An Immediate Service Call

When you own a business, ensuring that the fire system is working properly is important not only for keeping everyone in the building safe but also for making sure that the structure is up to code. Because of these reasons, a regular inspection is vital to making sure that the system is in good condition. During these inspections by your maintenance crew, make them aware of the following signs that indicate a serious problem with the sprinklers that would require an immediate service call.  

1.  You Find Water Puddles under One or More Individual Sprinklers

One sign that indicates an issue with your sprinkler system that requires immediate professional attention could be seen at any time of the month and not just during the regular inspections. If you start finding water puddles under one or more of the individual sprinklers, this could mean that the system is leaking from either the sprinklers or the pipes that feed them.

If water is leaking from the sprinklers, this could be a sign that the fittings are loose or one or more of the pipes are damaged. Because the water pressure throughout the system will be uneven, the water leaks could cause so much pressure in one area that the system activates for no discernible reason.

Or, if there is a fire, some areas may have pressure too low to fully extinguish the flames. Before either of these scenarios play out, the system should be fully inspected as soon as possible.

2.  You Notice Any Evidence of Rust Within the System

Another problem for which you should be on the lookout is any evidence of rust within the sprinkler system. Rust means that the metal pipes, fittings, and/or sprinklers are starting to corrode. 

Since this could create issues with busted lines or even blockage of the sprinkler's holes, you should include searching for signs of rust during each inspection. Tell your maintenance team to report any visible signs of rust, discolored water coming out of the sprinklers, or even a metallic odor.

If you suspect that there is a leak and/or rust in your system, your sprinklers may not work correctly if you were to need them during a fire. Since these types of systems also need to be kept up to building and fire codes, you should avoid having anyone on your maintenance staff attempt to fix the problems. Instead, contact a business that offers fire sprinkler system services so that they can come out to your building to assess whether your current system needs to be repaired or replaced.