2 Assumptions You Shouldn't Make About Your Home Insurance Policy

A problem people can have with insurance policies is making assumptions about them. You may have a policy that is paid for, but it does not mean that you are covered under all situations. Do not assume any of these things so you are prepared for an emergency when you need to make a claim. Assumptions About Water Damage A basic home insurance policy should cover water damage, but there are exceptions based on how the damage was caused.

All In The Family -- How A Multigenerational Household Affects Your Taxes

More and more Americans are finding themselves living in a home with multiple generations. Whether you are going to share your home with adult children, aging parents or small grandchildren, it's important to know how to properly handle the tax changes this brings. Here are a few tips for any multigenerational household. Claiming Dependencies The first tax question that multigenerational households generally must answer is who claims whom on their taxes.

Get In The Habit Of Having Your Water Delivered By A Bottled Water Delivery Company

While you must practice good eating habits, it's also wise to observe good drinking habits. If you also suffer from type 2 diabetes, you especially must also practice good drinking habits. Drinking water is important in order to manage your diabetes. Drinking adequate amounts of water is a healthy way of reducing the impact of too much sugar in your diet, whether you are a diabetic or not. So get in the habit of having your water delivered by a bottled water delivery company.

When Do You Need Key Person Insurance?

Properly insuring your business involves investing in a number of coverages. You need to be covered for various liability issues, your inventory, workman's compensation, and various other potential problems. Another policy you should consider is key person insurance. These policies protect your business if a person vital to your company's success dies, an unfortunate and yet common occurrence.  Provisions A key person insurance policy is essentially a life insurance policy on an employee that pays out to the company in case of the employee's death.